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In-Ceiling Speakers

KEF’s in ceiling speakers produce the full frequency range in stunning detail, without taking up space in a room. Tonal balance is essential to hi-fi audio, and KEF speakers are designed to showcase sound without exaggerating any area of the spectrum. With an in-ceiling setup, smart speaker placement is crucial. KEF’s Ci lineup allows you to eliminate needless bulk, while retaining total audio quality. In ceiling speakers provide a 3D surround sound experience that immerses the listener, with a vertical dimension that is missing from many home theater systems. Depending on the room’s layout, KEF’s Ci series is available in a wide range of sizes, so that your speakers lay flush inside a ceiling or wall fixture. At the cutting-edge of home theater sound, the Ci200RR-THX meets THX’s demanding ULTRA2 standard for professional-grade audio. The speaker’s massive woofer magnet, Z-flex surround, and aluminum tweeter (with tangerine waveguide) make for a formidable package.

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