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Digital HiFi Speakers

Digital HiFi Speakers

Since 1961, KEF speakers have represented a touchstone in audiophile quality. Today, every element of our wireless hi-fi speakers is designed for maximum listening enjoyment and overall clarity. When it comes to hi-fi audio, tonal balance is vitally important. KEF speakers produce the full frequency range in vivid detail, without exaggerating any part of the spectrum. This makes them arguably the best computer speakers on the market.

First, KEF’s X series of active desktop speakers is available in wired (X300A) and wireless (X300AW) models. Using a distortion-free USB connection, listeners can plug in their PC or MAC and experience hi-fi digital sound that is far beyond the average desktop configuration. Digital devices like the iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire, or any other product with a headphone port can connect directly to the speakers via an analogue auxiliary cable. Meanwhile, the X300AW plays audio wirelessly using Airplay or DLNA, with a high-grade DAC to nullify electromagnetic interference. Within minutes of unboxing the X300AW, your wireless hi-fi speakers allow instantaneous streaming from nearly any source.

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