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Stereo Speakers

Since 1961, KEF speakers have represented a touchstone in audiophile quality. Every element of our hi-fi stereo speakers is designed for maximum listening enjoyment and overall clarity. When it comes to hi-fi audio, tonal balance is vitally important. Producing the full frequency range in vivid detail, without exaggerating any part of the spectrum, KEF is arguably the best stereo speaker on the market.First, KEF’s floorstanding speakers harness a large enclosure for increased bass output and a broader frequency range. Constructed from high-grade aluminum, the Muon loudspeaker is perhaps the best hi-fi speaker on Earth. With a sleek, fin-like design, the Blade and Blade Two wields four bass drivers in a “point-source” configuration, summing the acoustics into one pristine source. If you’re looking for a more traditional shape, KEF’s Reference series delivers a truly magnificent soundstage. Rounding out the floorstanding models, our Q, C, and R stereo speakers offer a more affordable approach to hi-fi design. Read more…


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